5 tricks to apply eyeliner!

Eye Liner

Step 1: Do your prep work

Apply a matte flesh-tone eye shadow on the base of the lid. It takes away any discoloration and creates a great canvas for whatever eyeliner color you’re using. It’s also a trick to prevent pencil liner from melting in the heat or fading.

Step 2: Focus on your brushstrokes

When applying eyeliner always begin out the outer corner of the eye, moving in toward the nose. With pencil liners, gradually deposit less and less pigment as you get closer to the inner corner. With liquid liners, press the tip into the lash line and apply in small gradual increments rather than one long stroke. This helps keep your hand steady and gives you more control on where you place the color.

Step 3: Always smudge

use your fingers to soften any hard lines and to give liner a more lived-in feeling. You can blur the edges with a small pointed soft-bristle brush by pressing it gently into the lashes and moving it in small circles, making sure you keep the color close to the lash line

Step 4: Make it last

The best way to seal your liner is to apply an eye-shadow powder on top. This adds hours to your makeup and gives it a bit more pop. I use this technique all the time—especially for the red carpet. It’s also a particularly good way to experiment with color. For instance, top your typical black or brown liner with a shimmering green or navy eye-shadow to finish the look, without going too over the top.

Step 5: Fix any goofs

The truth is, you are going make little mistakes when applying eyeliner. My go-to trick is to have a Q-tip with foundation on it nearby. It’s like a little eraser that keeps the rest of your makeup staying perfect.

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