5 things taught by Corona Virus outbreak: Moment for us to self-reflect!!!

Living in an era when everyone is uncertain, perplexed and watching man-made technology failing, these things made us all ponder and made us anxious. As we are facing the challenge of Corona Virus, it’s been months and the spread is escalating leaving all the powerful entities helpless. According to some theories, it is a man-made destructive virus introduced to lessen the population of the world whereas some school of thought illustrates that it is wrath of God on humanity. Looking into the present circumstances, only thing that made us all stunned is the very existence of Human on earth and how fragile is the human race. Experiencing the things that we have only watched in movies, engulfed us all in deep fear!

Corona Virus has taught us something that we have long forgotten due to worldly matters!


As Muslims, we have been taught all our lives how important is to maintain cleanliness. Cleanliness is our half faith but we have forgotten our teachings. As of now we are practicing it due to corona Virus outbreak, it reminds us of our Islamic teachings which we normally don’t implement in our routine.

Care for loved ones:

Taken away by worldly wealth and illusions, people are locked down in their houses so that spread of deadly disease can be stopped. Living with your loved ones, we develop a fear of losing them and doing everything to protect our family from this corona virus crisis.

Back to spirituality:

Religion should be our foremost priority but we have strayed from the right path of divinity. This global issue and humanity losing this war, has augmented many questions. It could be God’s warning or punishment to humanity as we are not following his rules. As Muslims we should get back to our roots and find the way to spirituality.

Where we stand:

Powerful countries, science advancements and burgeoning technology are vulnerable in front of this epidemic. The countries who were proud of their advance technology are seeking help and locking down their countries. It makes us all anxious as human, fragile and numb before nature!

Worth of freedom:

Corona virus reminds us of the time when we were free to move around and socialize as much as we wanted. When we were free, we took it all for granted agree or not, but this epidemic has mad us all think for a while over purpose of life!

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