5 Pakistani celebrities who faced criticism for bold photoshoots!

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Gaining fame through controversies has been an eminent norm in media Industry, as some of the celebrities are getting famous overnight just by showing more skin and being bold whereas there are certain celebrities who don’t compromise on their elegance and respect no matter what and we really appreciate their prevailing choice of honor over FAME! So talking about the widespread phenomena of “showing more to get more” has been rapidly gaining its pace in Pakistan as well. Furthermore, we have witnessed many actresses touched the height of fame just by undergoing bold makeover and photoshoots that have gone viral! 

Here is the list of ace celebrities in media that have marked their names as bold models and actresses! 

Sonya Hussayn: 

Besides being an exceptional actress, Sonya Hussayn has now turned his path from girl next door look to hottest girl in town via her bold style statements, exquisite looks and bold photoshoots that has gained more attention for sure. She has gone through massive makeover to curate such a distinctive yet bold avatar. Faced many controversies over her change, she pushed her boundaries and got more fame than before! 

Sadaf kanwal: 

Sadaf kanwal has always faced sheer criticism over her clothing style, but she doesn’t care about it anymore. Her Instagram feed is flooded with bold pictures, nonetheless she is among the top models of Pakistan! 

Ayesha Omer: 

A stunning actress, model and one of the top hosts Ayesha Omer has been under tons of controversies owing to her dressing choices, bold photoshoots and short length clothes have been criticized by many of her fans but we won’t solemnly blame her for getting fame, it might be her own style to pull off her persona. As she is already famous for her acting skills and hosting! 

Aamina Illyas: 

Aamina Illyas has always in the headlines in terms of revealing clothes and bold poses with male models. Apart of the fact that it’s her main forte and she is getting paid for the shoots but obviously that turns out to gain her more fame! 

Mehwish Hayat: 

Mehwish Hayat recently got Tamghae Imtiaz from government for her commendable acting skills and successful projects she has served to the Industry but she has been criticized so much on social media fdue to her item number in a movie and bold photoshoot.