5 must-try food items at Karachi Eat Festival 2020

It’s that time of the year where Karachites get to feast on delicious goodness under the open sky with no guilt. The weekend of food coma aka Karachi Eat Festival is fast approaching and we have our top five must-try picks for you to devour your taste buds with.

Chicken Cheese Bombs

If you’re a true cheese lover, here’s a cheesy bite which would be hard to resist. Chick- Out the Cheese at Stall # 107 have solely created one of its kind chicken cheese bombs which seem to have the right balance of crunch and chicken in it. Gotta try it to believe it!

Asian Glazed Patties & Pop Tarts

For all those who want to fill their tummies and satisfy their sweet tooth cravings, we have good news! Hobnob is returning to Karachi Eat (find them at Stall # A2) with an interesting mix of sweet and savoury treats. The newly introduced Pop Tarts available in Strawberry and Mixed Nut flavours are buttery crusted pieces with fillings of homemade strawberry jam and mixed nut. Their four new Gourmet Patties on the other hand are a perfect twist to the traditional patties that one is accustomed to having. From Asian Glazed, Sour Cream & Onion to Pizza puff and Beef Patty with tomato salsa topping, the one with a most distinctive taste is Sour Cream & Onion which we highly recommend you try out at Karachi Eat.

Rabri Milk

Ever heard of Rabri Milk? Every thought of drinking Rabri? Well, here’s something meetha and desi you can get your hands on at Stall # 48. Rabri Milk by Ye Lo is the perfect mood booster for those who want a ‘Taakatwar Meetha’ in one go!

Donut Burgers

These donut burgers by ‘2 Guys 1 Grill’ were a massive hit last year and are here again. The perfect amount of sweetness and crunch in every bite is what they promise. Find them at Stall # 29 and thank us later.

Crepe Sushi

Bringing something that’s never been done before, Dóh is creating crepe sushi that is the perfect bite-size snack. Filled with chocolatey syrup and seasonal fruits, the crepe is definitely something to check out.

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