5 Hair care tips & remedies

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Hair Care


Split Ends:

Having split ends is one of the most common issue when it comes to hair problems, how can you solve your split ends problem? Well there is no other way but to get yourself a haircut, it is far better than to find yourself a nice hair product instead of going for chemicals go for chop-chop.



Hair Care

Are you going bald?

The problem everyone is scared off ‘going bald’ it’s important for us to know that hair follows a cycle that takes about 8 years. First it will grow, rest for a few months, and then it will shed. Many things can affect the cycle such as fever, stress, iron levels, weight loss, and certain illnesses. So it is natural for about 10% of your hair to be shedding. Take care of your diet and food you intake and if you still face the problem go and see your doctor.

Hair Care

Dull and Dry:

The double D’s of hair problem dull and dry hair, if you think about this issue you will come to know that we mostly cause this problem to our hair ourselves by using heat products such as a dryer or a flat iron Try air drying a while before finishing up with the blow dryer and only use the flat iron on dry hair.

Hair Care

Gray hair:

The problem young people go through is that their hair would turn gray way before time, the cause? Once the pigment producing cells in your hair is gone, they’re gone. Your natural hair color will be some shade of gray the only option you have left is coloring. So don’t be afraid to color your hair the damage has already been done you are just protecting what’s left.

Hair Care


The mystery behind dandruff still remains as a mystery just know that wash your hair thoroughly after you shampoo and make sure that no product (shampoo) is left in your hair, it would be better if you use a shampoo made for fighting dandruff.

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