5 controversial dramas that you should binge watch again while in quarantine!

Pakistani drama is horde with immense talent and exclusive content that intrigued everyone all across the globe. Not only Pakistanis but fans across the border are swooning over immaculate stories and powerful script. With many private channels coming up with exhilarating dramas and fascinating star-studded cast, Pakistani dramas have always attained attention of many owing to peculiar content and interesting plot. Nevertheless, there are many drama series that caught attention due to their distinctive yet controversial stories. There are certain issues we don’t discuss related to society but they prevail somehow. Media is making every effort to bring these issues on mainstream and educate people regarding their affects on our lives and how to curb them. Whether related to women violence, rape or corruption, these evils influence everyone in the society in one way or another and it’s high time to raise our voices against them.

Here are 5 controversial dramas that are liked by audiences whilst also criticized by many!


This drama revolves around child abuse and consequently shook everyone by portrayl of such valiant issue on mainstream media. Udaari included star studded cast Samiya Mumtaz, Bushra Ansari, Ahsan Khan and Urwa Hocane, this drama was dubbed as one of the most interesting and thought-provoking dramas.

Chup Raho:

Infused with star cast including Sajal Aly and Feroze Khan, this drama also illustrates an issue which is not discussed even if it exists in many families. Women are forced to be quiet regarding this matter and the title of the drama says it all. A story revolving around a girl who is being harassed by her own brother-in-law.

Mere Pass Tum ho:

Who doesn’t know about this drama series? Whether someone watched it or not, everyone is aware of the main story. Ayeza khan played a negative role, a woman who betrays her loyal husband for someone rich and had to bear consequences.


On-going drama, Jalan has made many people furious over its storyline as sister-in-Law played by Minal khan trying to attract her brother-in-law. Minal Khan also revealed in an interview that she has to face many backlashes because of her character in drama but she owns it.

Mera Saeein:

One of it’s kind, Mera Saeein exudes some of the realistic stories of landlords and politicians who get their work done by wrongdoing. People were glued to their screens because of enchanting story and mesmerizing acting of renowned celebrities namely Nauman Ijaz, Aamina sheikh & Sunita marshal.

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