4 times celebrities made us Proud by their spectacular yet responsible behavior in 2019!

We are awestruck by the flawless yet elegant personalities of our ace Pakistani celebrities, not only showcasing their immaculate personality in our country and garnering our praises but also making our nation proud by their intellectual gestures and responsible statements! Millions of followers admire them because of their chic aura and magnificent stature intact. When it comes to support each other our top notch celebrities make every effort to share their views regarding the issue and not being reluctant of inspiring us all with their social media feed! We have been observing social media feed of various Pakistani celebrities on insta and twitter and can’t stop ourselves but to praise their majestic statements that bring tear in our eyes as we see how mature they are towards the political issues or supporting each other at every step towards success. How we concluded that? You will surely get to know the reasons of our judgements regarding Pakistani celebs!!

Indo Pak tension:#saynotowar

As the indo Pak tensions rised at LoC and Pakistani Armed forces retaliated and brought down two Indian jet planes via their abrupt reaction. The Celebrities took part in it by sharing their views which illustrates the message of optimism and peace as theses celebrities twetted:

Feroze Khan: give peace, kindness and life a chance.”

Mawra Hoccane: there can be NO winners in war if we value human life at all.”

Urwa Hoccane: we don’t want war.” She saluted the Army for sending out a message that they wanted peace.

NewZealand Terrorist attack:

Yesterday Two Mosques were attacked by the terrorists and killed around 49 people and 48 wounded as per record in New Zealand! It has been condemned all over the world and how our Pakistani celebrities can step back from the brutal act towards muslims. Many Celebrities shared their aggressive and dismissal on the great loss of fellow muslims.

Mahira Khan:

So deeply disturbing to read about the #Christchurch mosque attack! Prayers with the people of New Zealand and the grieving families.

Shahid Afridi:

Horrifying tragedy #Christchurch. I found NZ one of safest, most peaceful places, people are friendly. Spoke to Tamim big relief B’desh squad/staff is safe. World must together! stop hatred!Terrorism has no religion! Prayers for bereaved families. May Allah bless the departed.

Feroze Khan:

Heart goes out to all the victims and the families of #ChristchurchMosqueAttack , Terrorism has no religion.

Aurat March:

Happened every year on women’s international day, This year it has further elevated the need to acknowledge the power of women in society via Aurat March 2019 in which many men also took part and showed their support but anti-feminist did not like it much and called it vulgarity in the name of freedom of speech. Our Pakistani Celebrities supported the march to the fullest and took them down who raised their voices against it.

Meesha Shafi:

The absolute icon herself, who undoubtedly helped propel the Me Too movement forward, made a point to attend the Aurat March in Lahore.

Mira Sethi:

The actress hung out with Adnan Malik at this year’s March, and shared this heartfelt post on Instagram after attending.

Mehwish Hayat’s honour:

Took the Pakistani Industry by storm in terms of her astonishing acting skills and one of the promising actress of the recent times , Mehwish hayat is soon to get the Tamagae Imtiaz from the Govt on 23 rf march due to her flawless performances in dramas and movies respectively. Here are her fellow ace celebrities that supported her to the fullest and made her haters shut their mouth!

Shaan Shahid:

#proudpk congratulations to all the winners of sitara Imitiaz & pride of performance .specially Babara Shareef Jee for her 5decades of service for films Reema Khan for her unstoppable passion & 2decades of service to films ,Mehwish Hayat for making us proud of her craft.

Hadiqa Kiani:

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