3 teasers of Pakistani dramas that have made us jump off our feet: Here are the links you shouldn’t miss!

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Portrayal of the realities surrounding us and affecting us in various means, Pakistani dramas are playing their part in bringing forth to us by characterizing them and unfold the harsh truth about society. Not only in Pakistan but also overseas they are applauded and appreciated as it goes timeless and wraps up all the issues in a script. Kudos to the talented directors and commendable acting chops of brilliant actors of Pakistan that we are getting entertained at the same time we are getting aware of the skeptical approach of society and characters around us. 

Recently, we have witnessed many teasers that hit the screen and took our breath away by their exclusive storyline and made us swooning over them even more. Now we are anxiously waiting for these fascinating dramas to be on air as soon as possible! 

Here are three teasers of most anticipated dramas with huge star cast that would leave you spell bounded! 

Ishq Zahe Naseeb: 

Incorporating a huge star cast and our favourite actors Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussayn, the drama has alot to offer not just entertainment and here is the proof! Zahid Ahmed is going to perform one of the most challenging character of his career, a split personality that has tendency to change himself into woman. We are keeping our fingers crossed and waiting anxiously to witness the flawless acting of these characters. 

Gul o Gulzar: 

A drama that revolves around the friendship of two best friends and ended up in betrayal by one is worth a watch. A reality that is so close to our lives, blindly trust a person and getting stabbed at the back is the norm of the society that needs to be changed. Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi are in the lead whereas Saboor aly is portraying a negative character and ditch her best friend! 


Another vintage period drama is on our way! We can’t help but to drool over the captivating storyline and talented actors showcasing the best of them. Bushra Ansari is going to perform a character which is more intense that she ever performed and Sarah Khan is coming back on screen after a while in this traditional form. The teaser got us enthralled completely and we are so excited about this to hit the screens soon!

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