3 Never to watch Movies

I have been fan of Hollywood movies since I was a child. Surely whenever I watch and finish watching a movie it affects my psyche and emotions. Whenever you see a movie with lovely emotions you get enchanted with the intensity of love showed in them and desire it. Horror/thriller movies take your breathes up and down and at the end you say to yourself “thank God it ended”. I experienced some movies which I never recommend to watch I will explain the reason of course. On my list the topper is;

Artificial intelligence (AI) (2001)

This movie really disturbed my senses. I watched it with great interest and developed intimacy with it until it ends. When I finished it I couldn’t get out of the lost it gave me. Extremely gloomy and disappear world of the movie got me trapped. Movie’s focal point is Haley Joel Osment stars as David, a “mecha” or robot of the future, when the polar ice caps have melted and submerged many coastal cities, causing worldwide starvation and human starts depending on robots. The first mecha designed to experience love, David is the “son” of Henry (Sam Robards) a scientist.  Little boy with heart crying desire of love for his mom is left alone in the city of dead full of wasted crippled robots. She is the only one he hopes and desires for and at the end he finds only one day to spend in her arms.

P.S. I love you (2007)

Such a loving but intensely heart breaking script that the grief of a widow named Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) doesn’t even last in the end. Movies with not a happy ending are always heartbreaking. If you imagine yourself in the movie left alone in the apartment where you and love of the life spent days and nights together, you can’t crying in front of the TV. What could be the most torturing thing than to sleep with the scent of one you will never get to see again?

The Exorcist (1973)

I must say wish I could never watched it!  I had watched many horror films before like Evil Dead, The Last Exorcism, The Ring, Grudge and many more. But this was too terrifying for me. I had to hide my face with terror. By hook or crook I make it till the end. Linda Blair really scared the hell out of me when she comes down the stairs with crawling on her hands and head down. Story begins with a scene in an archeological dig in Iraq. Father Lancaster Merrin (Max Von Sydow) an elderly Catholic priest discovers a statue of a bizarre demonic figure, known as Pazuzu. Back in the United States, Washington D.C, a successful actress named Chris McNeil (Ellen Burstyn) begins experiencing strange voices in her attic. Chris lives with her twelve-year-old daughter Regan (Linda Blair). Suddenly Regan starts having fits and bizarre behavior. When Regan gets completely out of hand, Chris calls in young priest Father Karras played Jason Miller, who becomes believes that the girl is possessed by the Devil and that they must call in an exorcist: namely, Father Merrin (Max von Sydow). All the attempts seemed to fail and demonic entities kill Father Merrin too.

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