3 illustrious designers at PSFW 2019: Stood out owing to their exclusive yet eclectic range of tapestries!

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Kudos to the PFDC for curating 20th consecutive fashion week with such distinction and magnum opus while associating itself with the finest international brands and this time it was Sunsilk! No need to say it, but PSFW 2019 has brought the house this time by sending the best of designer lineup on the ramp and making it a specular event. Collaborated with TDAP and TEXPO, the purpose was to enhance the business prospects internationally as well to fabricate the fashion sense of Pakistan in an optimistic way!

Showcased the fancy lineup of immaculate and eclectic designs, the ace designers got our praises and we are compelled to choose 3 top designers of 3rd Day of PSFW 2019! although, it was quite difficult for us to choose but we still managed to brought the best of them all!

From high street fancy line to formal grandeur, the platform has portrayed the alluring designs that not only highlighted the established brand and designers but also lawn-oriented brands such as so kamal, Khaas, Sanoor and Almirah. We are not much impressed by the fact that they dwindled from their originality just to resonate with the energy of fashion featuring platform! Apart from the distinctive nature of the presentation by these brands, we are stunned by the colour gradient and style quotient that has been accentuated through vibrant colours and silhouettes!

Moving towards the top 3 best designers again, here you go!


As expected, HSY has always been on top in terms of excellence, brilliance and exquisiteness, just name it and you got it all! Entitled by the name “Rani” a nick name of HSY’s Mom and the significant use of red because this colour is somewhat close to HSY and it can be clearly seen from the showcase. An ambiance so dramatic and music so emotion driven, the attires created by the King of Fashion Industry. Fine piece of art crafted on the canvas of red colored fabric with amalgam of draperies, tunic and heavy embellishments to go with! Men in black and ladies in red have adorned the look of show utterly.

Zaha by Khadija Shah:

Well,well,well!! This talented designer surely knows how to play with certain fashion hues like no one else and we can’t control ourselves but to praise it to the fullest as we witness something explicit yet exotic on the ramp! Ignited by the exhilarating execution of animal prints that included leopards, monkey, frog motifs and polka dots pattern that corresponds with the drapery, flares and tunics that are having sashes on the waist line top give it a summer edge! Justifies every look that can be pulled off this season with elegance and definitely living up to our expectations as we can also witness how immaculately it is illustrated via designs and cuts!

Nomi Ansari:

Collaborated with Tuhura a sportswear brand, Nomi Ansari inculcated his fascinating designing sense to the collection and if we say it to be the most grooving and adrenaline-charged showcase of athletic wear. This type of collection is not the forte of PFDC stature and of course Nomi Ansari but we still swooning over this exclusive lineup and surely going to be gym lovers pick! Bouncing balls, boxing moves

and punching actions by the models on the ramp have made us all go crazy as they all running and showing energetic presence that elevated our moods.