3 Easy Ways to Get Out of the Beauty Rut!

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Do you feel like you’re stuck in a beauty rut? Opting for the same lip-gloss-blue eye shadow- kajaal look? Well to shake you out of your limbo we’ve got 3 surefire ways that are guaranteed to give you a much needed boost.



Red Lipstick:

Swipe on red lipstick for an instant pick me up. It has the power to transform. Not only does it make you feel sexier but it’s a great head turner as well.

Statement Manicure:

Get yourself a Manicure, if not at a salon maybe at home go DIY with little things like this doing manicures at home is a piece of cake and you can actually do a good job.

Chop Talk:

If you’re in dire need of changing your hairstyle but don’t want to compromise on length – the easiest option is to get bangs. Mimic Priyanka Chopra by going in for wispy bangs.