3 beauty promises to make to yourself this summer!

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Come January 2013 and we start making resolutions that we intend to stick through the entire year. While most barely last few weeks. Worry not here are some easy resolutions that you can easily stick too. And we don’t need January for this!



Beauty Tips

Never Go to Bed with Make-Up On:

We all tend to be lazy to remove that last swipe of mascara and those trace amounts of kaajal – but it’s extremely important. Make-Up build up causes the pores to clog.

Cheats Tip: Too lazy to head to the washroom? Stash a packet of make-up remover wipes on your bedside table for quick, easy access.

Beauty Tips


Want gorgeous skin till your’40s and ’50s? Drink up! Ban fizzy drinks from your diet and sip regular H20 for plump skin. Not only does drinking 1.5 litres plus water flush out all those toxins it also keeps your skin hydrated.

Cheats Tip: Why not punch up your water by adding a few sprigs of mint or thin slices of cucumber. It will give your regular water some pizzaz.

Beauty Tips

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize:

Your 3-step skincare routine should always include washing your face, using a toner to open the pores and finally a moisturizer to close the pores and provide that extra dose of moisture for your skin.

Cheats Tip: Slather on moisturizer post shower. Absorption is much better when the skin is damp.