2020 top Pakistani dramas on air that are worth watching: Let’s have a sneak peek!

As our drama industry is evolving into much professional form, the hopes and expectations of the viewers are also altering and eventually getting higher in terms of content and acting chops. Pakistani dramas have always been in the limelight locally as well as internationally owing to it’s peculiar and much realistic approach. Realizing the fact that people are more prone to experience something relevant to society and broaden their perception to inculcate the harsh realities, it is mere obligation to the entertainment arena to utilize their platform to for much bigger concerns. It seems like our drama industry have gone from strength to strength when it comes to immaculate acting and portrayal of existential social norms.

Here are few dramas that are on air and are gaining attention of drama lovers for all the right reasons!


Sana Javed has done an outstanding performance in her drama Ruswai. Revolves around a rape victim and how bravely she faces society, the drama has all the elements that make it a super hit. Won millions of hearts pertaining to it’s valiant subject and creative portrayal of society’s condemnable crimes.

Ehde Wafa:

A drama that has achieved an immense hype before it started off, it is a project of ISPR and represents political and army fraternity with epitome of perfection. Star cast includes some of the best actors that are scintillating in terms of their acting chops.

Thora Sa Haq:

After dazzled us all by stupendous performance in drama “Mere Pass Tum Ho” Ayeza khan again elevated the standard by exuding incomparable acting skills in drama Thosa Sa Haq also featuring the versatile actor Imran Abbas in the lead. The story has that engaging edge that keeps us all glued to the screen whenever it’s mon air.

Main Na Janun:

A drama that has a lot of twist and turns so far, also caters a distinctive storyline. Star cast includes Sanam Jung, Zahid Ahmed and Affan Waheed in the lead roles. We have seen the very talented actor Affan waheed in a negative role for the first time and we are stunned to see his effortless acting.


Accentuating the religious beliefs and true essence of media industry, this drama is just nt for entertainment purposes but it beholds a stronger message that defines what life is really about. Hamza Ali abbasi and Sajal Aly have illustrated their best performance so far in this drama series.

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