2.0 movie is a sci-fi art work: Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth have fired up screen with rivalry combat that you won’t want to miss!

Most anticipated movie as it seems to be the sequel of Enthiran, Produced by one of the acclaimed directors of Bollywood industry Shankar has done an amazing job by creating script, screenplay and VFX effects up to the expectations! Starring the gigantic stars of all times Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth, whereas the king of tamil movies has once again proved himself to the best action hero while Akshay Kumar has maintained his stature of being one of the best actor for arousing people’s emotions by his motivational acting skills. Vaseegran played by Rajnikanth is a reliable scientist and made humanoid Robot named Nila (Amy Jackson) who was not at all dwarfed by the powerful actors around her. At first it was incomprehensible for us to get the concept of mobile phones disappeared and flown away juts like that but as the plot of the story progressed we came to know that the power who is doing it all is beyond human arena!

Vaseegran unveiled the secret behind this inhumane force that seems to be evil and did not want anything related to signals and mobiles phones in the society. And that force is the aura of Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar) who committed suicide within signal tower and find the way to fix all of it a bad way now! Chitti, A positively programmed robot by Vaseegaran had come back in the action as it became need of the hour to encounter giant eagle composed by mobiles that were disappeared earlier from the city and causing harm to owners of mobile dealers and ministers.

Vaseegran found the solution to neutralize it with positive signals through an instrument. While Chiiti and pakshi were fighting hard, they went into the flashback of how it all happened and what caused him to be evil. Well, it was an appreciable issue to come up with in this era of technology and advancement but it could be portrayed in a more effective way in which the essence of the movie which is predominantly ‘’saving birds’’ can conveyed more positively. As pakshi Raja was Ornithologist who tends to save birds and give them life but due to immense network connections and frequency they are dying in large number causing them to extinct!

The reason why people love it the most is because of a jaw dropping fighting scene between Pakshi and Chitti, but unusual contrast of hero and villain had somewhat dropped down because of over use of visuals effects and VFX that had been dragged and you get the thought that it’s time to wrap up! Well, if we ignore these mistakes in the film otherwise it was worth watching moving with a thoughtful message that humans are not the owner of this land alone, as we are proceeding in our technology we are making it dangerous for other species to survive as it’s causing the natural environment to fade away!

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