18 Before & After VFX Shots That Will Make You A Fan Of Visual Effects

You can’t always believe your eyes. VFX isn’t always made-up monsters and otherworldly landscapes. Sometimes the best VFX executions are subtle enough to be invisible. When it comes to visual effects, no doubt Hollywood is way ahead of every film industry in world.

Just imagine watching Planet of the Apes, Avengers, Avatar or maybe Gravity without all the visual effects… Well we can’t even think of it because then the movie would not be THE MOVIE without these incredible effects right? Here’s a sneak peek behind Hollywood VFX before-after shots’ movies and shows.

1. The Great Gatsby

2. Wolverine

3. Alice In Wonderland

4. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

5. Robocop

6. The Dark Knight

7. The Hobbit

8. 300 Rise Of An Empire

9. Life Of Pie

10. Oz The Great And Powerful

11. Gravity

12. The Wolf Of Wall Street

13. The Avengers

14. Avatar

15. Transformers

16. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Even in your fav TV shows there are special effects used in backgrounds such as:

17. Grey’s Anatomy

18. Game of Thrones

And movie magic continues to dazzle us….

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