16 Runway Trends to Follow This Season!


by Shehrbano Tanveer

With fall just around the corner we’re all waiting to snuggle up, wear mismatched socks and sip on that hot cocoa while we watch our favourite show. But then there’s going to be days we’ll have to put an outfit together and step out!

We’ve handpicked 16 trends straight from the runway which can easily be pulled off in everyday life; be it casual or a night out this guide ensures your style game is on point this season!

Victorian Collars
This season be inspired from the Victorian era paintings and the collars in Shakespearean plays! Look for blouses which reflect the vintage style and flaunt them like a trendsetter!

Jewel toned Velvet

With winters being the hot favourite season for weddings you need to know which fabric is trending. Choose jewel toned velvet to create an impressive outfit!


Definitely good news for eastern wear lovers. We spotted designers mixing and matching unexpected colours and patterns for fall so be creative without fear and turn towards vibrant ethnic colours to celebrate the wedding season in style!

Denim on Denim

Thought denim on denim was just to be sported in summers? Wrong. Taking cue from the Paris and New York Fashion Week you can certainly pull it off this fall as well!

Polka Dots 

Bringing back 40s vibes!

Couch Florals 

Yep! You read that correctly. Designers looked towards their aunt’s living room to take some inspiration so don’t shy away from those couch florals this fall and look effortlessly chic!

70’s Plaid

Find it in pants or outerwear, this pattern is here to give you those 70’s vibes with a modern twist. Not to be confused with the 90s grunge, we’re talking about Bright Plaids!

Nylon Coats
What a relief! No more stressing about the ironing, simply tuck it away in your luggage. From Stella McCartney to Dior and Michael Kors, these were surely amongst the designers’ top choices.

Retro Hats 

Raid your closet and find all those hats you’ve tucked away! It’s time to accessorize your outfits this season because designers loved bringing them back to life.

Fringe and Tassels 

Yes we love those fringed earrings from Zara and other high street brands and designers are still not over this trend yet! So carry on with the fever be it shoes, accessories or your outfit 😉

Blue and Black


Deep blue and midnight black was seen by designers incorporated in various looks so keep an eye out for this combination of the season!

Shooting Star


It’s a bling alert! Shine in gold or silver this season definitely the colour you should turn to for a night out or weddings.

Power Red


When in doubt, wear red! Not just any red, Power Red! The designers loved bringing a bright red to the ramp so there are no limitations literally, sport a red lip or include it in your outfit you’re ready to make a statement!

Chocolate Brown is the New Black!

Wide Belts  

Taking inspiration from the 1800s the designers are challenging you to become bold so if you’re not afraid to experiment and like to make a statement then pair a wide belt with your outerwear or simply with a dress!

Waist Cinching Coats 

Last but not the least is a personal favourite which accentuates your figure. Designers loved highlighting the waist this season so if you’re looking for a new coat, you know the style you need to choose.

Hope this style guide makes your fall choices easier! Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Watch this space for more updates and don’t forget to like Ebuzztoday for latest news!

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