15 things every girl must own before turning 25

You’re probably in that phase of life where you voraciously read blogs and magazines and jump on every trend du jour quicker than you could say fashion. No one is stopping you from doing that, but perhaps, you might want to think about investing in some classic items that every woman must have before she hits the big 25.

  • Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world, said Marilyn Monroe and boy, she was right. A pair of stilettos that will give you confidence no matter what are absolute essentials for every girl in her twenty something. In our opinion, pumps are the most versatile pair of shoes, you can just slip them on and go. They sure work for all sorts of occasions – be it work, a party or a casual day-time look.


  • You should have a signature fragrance. Get something that expresses exactly who you are. People will remember the scent you wear daily long after you’ve stopped smelling it. To decide which smell suits you the best, take a fragrance out for a test run, hug as many people as possible and see what they say – the more compliments you get the closer you are to discovering your signature fragrance.


  • Invest in a classic handbag from an iconic French or Italian designer label. If you don’t have a budget for that, then any trendy quality bag that is spacious enough for everything and looks good at the same time, will suffice. Especially when you are a working woman – you should have at least one quality bag that’s big enough to fit your laptop and everything else.


  • You need to get yourselves a pair of pearl or diamond stud earrings that make you feel elegant and put together no matter what you are wearing. Get real and splurge your pay-check on one of these. They are timeless, chic and will sure last you a lifetime. Yeah sure, imitations look more or less the same, but the boost of confidence you get when you get real is incomparable.


  • By now, you should have all been on the treasure hunt to find that perfect pair of jeans. In extreme cases, this unavoidable style search could have lasted for days and left even the most expert shoppers feeling defeated. Classic blue jeans will always remain a style staple, so it’s important to find ones that do your body some good. You need to figure out which brand fits you well and the kind of denim that suits you the best – get three of these and rotate them through the week.


  • By this time, you should have figured out the shade of lipstick that suits you best. A colour that looks good on your friend, won’t necessarily look good on you – your go-to lip colour largely depends on your skin tone, so figure out what looks good on you. Speaking of which, nothing shouts out class and sex-appeal the way a red pout does – to add zing to your look, you absolutely must figure out your shade of red.


  • Be it a casual day-time look or fancy evening wear, every catalogue, fashion blog and even your grandmother was right — having a white chicken kari kurta in your closet is a crucial arrow in your fashion quiver. These kurtas are usually a little sheer, so make sure you wear a white camisole or tank top under – one with spaghetti straps will be your best bet.


  • It goes without saying that by this age, you need to be a regular at the gym and the cuter/sexier your workout attire, the more motivated and active you’ll feel – your night suit and gym clothes most certainly shouldn’t be the same. There are so many stores that sell really cute workout clothes – dragging yourselves to the gym is enough work, can’t get yourselves to head to the mall? Indulge in some online retail therapy and get yourself a workout outfit on Daraz.pk.


  • A well-tailored blazer is a must. It’s time you have become somewhat serious in life and hopefully bagged a good job, so a good blazer will come in handy more often than you’d think. Lift your outfit’s ante by just throwing on a blazer on whatever you are wearing – not desi clothes, of course. It will be your knight in shining armour in those unexpected last minute meetings or interviews.


  • A black kurta never goes out of style, so why not invest in one that makes heads turn? Whether you own a plain well-tailored pintuck kurta or a fancy chicken kari one, a stylish black kurta is an absolute must-have for formal evenings or casual sit ins all the same – depending on how you accessorise it.


  • You have already picked your go-to lip colour, but nothing will look good if your skin is uneven and patchy. Girls, it’s essential for you to find the base that suits your skin tone and texture. You want a very natural, evened-out-look. It’s very easy to go wrong with your foundation, you don’t want to look too caked up or grey. Try different shades and brands, take help from makeup experts and get your skin that picture-perfect glow.


  • Different shades styles and sizes often seem to fall in and out of trend, but similar to jeans, there are a select few styles of shades you absolutely need in your arsenal— they are the eyewear equivalents of skinny and flared denim. While you should definitely experiment with the faddish shades of the season—the ’80s-esque Wayfarer or the oversized Jackie O should be a permanent part of your style must-haves.


  • An everyday statement watch is actually perfect for your day to day wear, from jeans to casual dresses and even work wear. A watch is as much an accessory as it is a timepiece. A gold watch is a great way to dress an outfit up.


  • There are several long lasting makeup tips and tricks that you may know that help you stay fresh all day, but you shouldn’t rely on those completely and carry an emergency makeup kit at all times. Make sure you are prepared for any melted make-up emergency. A powder compact, concealer, a quality lipstick, mascara and blush are absolute essentials.


  • A gun… oh wait no, control, we are just kidding. Pepper spray would do.


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