15 Serious Essentials You Need In Your Bag All The Time

We all girls know that our routines are pretty hectic. we all have a very unpredictable schedule throughout the day. Every single day we have to follow the motto ‘work hard play hard’. As a youth we are very spontaneous, Sometimes we know what’s coming and sometimes we are completely clueless about the plans.
To be prepared for what the day might throw our way, it’s an absolute must we carry these 15 tings in our bags because, you know us ladies gotta look good no matter what the situation is.

Face Cream:
It will keep you fresh and your skin will look hydrated

Because Smelling good I very important.

A little backup for a sunny day.

Lip Stick:
Most important essential, your look is in complete without it.

Eye Liner:
You are clueless for an upcoming event or nigh tout with your girls/bae so this come in handy.

Will keep your lips hydrated all day.

Hair Brush:
AAh! The most important thing, you need to keep your hair perfect.

Well we all know, how important they are.

Ear Phones:
Need some refreshment at work or getting bored ear phones to the rescue.

Charger of Phone:
Not just a battery charger, its the basic necessity of life. You never know when you will run out of your phone battery.

Back up for a spontaneous plan or party.

Again a backup.

Few Tab of Gums:
I don’t need to explain this we all know why.

Texture made out of many chewing gum pellets of different colors.

A Mirror:
Obviously you cant apply all the things without it.

Sun Block:
Whether its sunny or not you need it anyway.

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