13 years down the line; Peek Freans Sooper Reunites Junoon!

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Peek Freans Sooper has come up with yet another stunner in its patriotic campaign catalog. They have officially announced that they will be at the helm of the much awaited reunion of Pakistan’s most beloved band Junoon. This comes as massive news for music fans not only in Pakistan but across the world where Junoon had made countless fans during its successful run across the globe as Pakistan’s premier rock band.

There was plenty of anticipation built on Peek Freans Sooper’s end before the official announcement was made to the general public and press. It all began with Sooper uploading a video of Junoon members Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed, jamming to Pink Floyd’s classic Wish You Were Here. Director Marketing EBM Ayesha Janjua was also seen in the video raising intrigue amongst the audience over their social media platforms. This was truly a monumental moment as these two rock legends had not played together for a span of 13 years since Junoon called it quits. This caused a lot of heads to turn and a lot of people began anticipating and hoping for the best. Sooper did not disappoint indeed and officially announced the reunion through a press release and a video issued to all media outlets and on their official Facebook page. A lot of the fans issued a sigh of relief seeing the much awaited return of Junoon bassist Brian O Connell, which always seemed like a long shot but has been made possible through the tireless efforts of Team Sooper.

Peek Freans Sooper calls this campaign “Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon” which is seemingly an extension of their widely popular campaign “Sooper Hai Pakistan” which has aimed to promote the integral messages of unity and harmony amongst the Pakistani people. This campaign has been ongoing for the past 3 years and has achieved a number of notable milestones in order to promote a positive image of Pakistan all across the globe. They achieved quite a milestone last year through this campaign by setting a Guinness World Record for the Largest Shaped Cookie Mosaic, which was shaped into the Pakistani flag. This feat did indeed promote a message of unity and gave a sense of pride to the people of Pakistan.

Their new campaign “Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon” is without doubt going to set the bar higher than before as they were successful in reuniting one of Pakistan’s most beloved musical outfits which propelled Pakistani music to a global level like never before. They hope to ignite the sense of unity amongst the Pakistani nation through Junoon and their ever green classics which explicitly promote the messages of unity and oneness and bring the Pakistani people closer to each other under the umbrella of patriotism and passion than ever before. Thanks to Peek Freans Sooper, seeing these legends reunite and perform to dazzle the Pakistani audience with their ever green musical energy will indeed be one for the history books.

The reunion has officially been announced however has left us in an undying state of anticipation. What does the future hold for us? Will we be seeing Junoon on tour again? Is a new song or even a new album on its way to strike the Pakistani airwaves? How will all of this pan out in the end and what may it lead to? These are all questions that have not only us but the entire population of Pakistan on edge. We will have to wait and see and only time will tell what is in store for us.

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