Junaid Younus wins the heart of people from his latest Hamd


Hamd means a poetic piece in praise of God and whosoever got a chance to recite it with a God-gifted voice is indeed a lucky person alive. Exactly the same way, the famous rising star of Pakistan with a wonderful voice recited Hamd in a most pleasant voice and everyone is loving it.

Junaid Younus, a Lead Vocalist of The Siege Band. He touches the heart of people by his incredible melodies . His song, “Police” broke records considered to be best song of the era. In 2011, he introduced the new flanged song, “Aesi ki tesi” specifically for cricket adoring and the reactions of the people were same as they were at the times of “Police”.

In one of his interviews he said, “Well, it all started from my childhood. According to my mother, from the very childhood I have a good voice and she started to get me recited Naats and Hamds. She use to listen from me Naat, Hamad and all old M.Rafi and Mukesh’s songs. That is when my mom spotted the talent in me. Then as time passed by I started participating in Parents Day function at my school”.

No doubt, the reason behind his success is his mother’s pray, struggle and confidence. This brilliant artist has done a revolutionary tremendous job in his latest Hamd “Allah Hu” and again touched the hearts of people.

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