“The Khadi Way”- the eternal fabric of freedom in India inspired the brand ‘11.11/eleven eleven’ once again at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017.

Moving ahead from the label’s collection last season, the look now focused on lunar block prints in a new image. The ombré story went a notch further, while the signature Bandhani appeared in fresh hues of smoke, wine, ochré along with ivory, whiskey, gold and shades of the ever-popular indigo. The motifs this season were interpreted through hand painting and block prints.

Khadi cotton option was smoke space dyed (ikat) and appeared with light indigo and undyed cotton mix. Bringing stylish affordable active wear for everyday fashion, ‘11.11/eleven eleven’ ensured that khadi formed a fashion statement in wardrobes. Fluid tent dresses, comfortable indigo dyed skirts and relaxed long-sleeved blouses were perfect for summer times when the living is easy. The Kantha patchwork line of jackets and the draped dress story were some more additions to the cool collection for the coming season.

Easy breathing shirts and blouses tucked in buttoned bohemian trousers were another interesting concept.  Here, were non-seasonal garments that were turned into perfect wardrobe additions. A few unconventional men’s attire also showcased an ashen grey, tie-up robe thrown over navy blue separates. Semi-casual printed culottes teamed with identical shirt and a fitted waist-coat, were perfect for the sun-downer cocktail evenings. Centre-buttoned fusion men’s kurta with matching bottoms made for another striking ensemble.

The line of accessories was as innovative as the garments. Wristwatch bands were just perfect, while bottle caps and coins were turned into head pieces, ankle ornaments and trendy arm bands.

‘11.11/eleven eleven’ the prét label of CellDSGN, created by entrepreneurs Shani Himanshu and Mia Morikawa has multiple retail outlets in India, USA, Japan and Europe.

“The Khadi Way” by ‘11.11./eleven eleven’ was a collection that moved from macro to micro and not only reflected style but a sense of tranquillity that lovers of sustainable fashion will adore.

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