10 Tips to Make your hair healthy and shining in fall season


As its fall season, it’s the season that affects on the beauty a lot. Good, thick and shiny hair make your personality or in other words it’s the beauty weapon of the women. Many of us are not aware of the hair problem especially which we face in fall season due to sun-rays, hot polluted weather, sweating , all these things plays a vital role in damaging the hairs due to which hair falls increases in this season. Frizzy and dry, don’t make your hair look like that, for the good growth of the hair, they just need some proper care. With some routinely hair care tips your hair will continuously stay healthy, shiny, and vibrant you just only need to give some little time to them.

Follow these hair care tips for shinny and healthy hair:

  1. When ever you go outside, cover your hair with scarves or hat. Sun rays effects hair’s natural protective layer and as a result upsets the hair cuticle.
  2. Wash your hair regularly and apply conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends to seal the cuticle and promote shine. Dry them gently. This thing will reduce the damaging effects of summer humidity on hair and you will have shinny hair in summer.
  3. Always wash your hair with cold r warm water. Hot water will damage the skull and make the roots of the hair week.
  4. Message your hair with oil twice in a week. It gives proteins to the hair for their good growth and maintains the moisture balance and gives long life.
  5. To make you hair shinny and smooth, use egg whites, oil, some drops of lemon, olive. Mix all these all things and apply on hair, cover your head for 20 to 40 mints, then take shower, you will have smooth and shinny hairs and will amazed to see its result.
  6. Hair products that contain alcohol or formaldehyde, avoid using them. Always try to use natural hair products instead to avoid stripping your hair of moisture
  7. In this season try to avoid using straightening irons, curling irons or blow dryers. These appliances heat up the hair which results in dryness.
  8. After hair treatment (hair colouring) do not go out in sun after that. The fast UV rays affect the hair a lot and can change the colours.
  9. Use healthy diets and drink plenty of water. Good diet and water is the key to healthy hair in addition to being important for overall health.
  10.  After a month, trim your hair to avoid split ends in hair. Short hair style would be better and comfortable for you in summer as it is easy to maintain and do not require much care.

Take good care of your hair by following these tips and you will have healthy and silky hair. Beautiful hair reflect the beauty and style of your individuality.


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