10 Questions with Nishat Girl Rehmat Ajmal

1. Tell us about your background

 I come from a small family. I live with my parents and two siblings. We used to live with our grandparents, aunts and uncles but now we have a nuclear family. One of my sisters is a chef and one is an electrical engineer, and I’m the only person in my family who stepped into the fashion industry like a total outsider, learning all about it one shoot at a time.

2. What are you passionate about in terms of your career?

 I am extremely passionate about my career (that is not limited to modeling only but also becoming a decent textile designer). I believe in hard work and dedication – two elements that have helped come sufficiently far in my career in a short span of time.

 3. Some of the major challenges you have faced in your life which you think has changed your perception on life

 “We are our achievements and our failures”. I believe there’s no passing without failing. I have dealt with a lot of challenges those of which made me who I am and also helped me learn so much about life and people around me. My failures helped me take out all the unnecessary people from my life. Especially when I picked modeling as a career choice a lot of people around me including my external family, who take it as a taboo subject or look down upon the genre of the profession I could really tell and observe a lot about the conflict that not so silently prevails in our society. I could never understand the constant association of a stigma attached to this profession and that’s when I decided to set out and try my best to change people’s perception.

 4. How has it been working with Nishat for the past year?

 I didn’t realise that it has been a year until I just read it. It has been full of new experiences, so much exposure, and a lot of traveling and of course a lot of juggling with my studies. I get along with everyone at work and that’s what makes it so easy and comfortable. Everyone at Nishat is so thriving that it not only motivates me to do better but also encourages me to give my input not only as a model as I am always encouraged whenever I pitch in new ideas. So it has been so far so good and I’m looking forward to another year with the dream team.

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 5. They say traveling is the best way to find yourself, what are your thoughts?

 That’s absolutely correct! I think they say that because it really empowers you and makes you believe in your existence. Small things mold you, enable you to grow and shape your character. I enjoy being a global citizen!

 6. What are some of the things still left in your bucket list that you want to cross off?

 Well, there are so many things that I yet have to cross off. Just to name a few, scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, meeting my significant other (and then doing all these things again, together) haha!

 7. We can really see a fun, young feel to the Nishat campaign, how do you think it is different than the rest in the market?

 That is the gist of the entire campaign. I still remember when I was first given an overview of the concept. It is all about empowering girls who come from different backgrounds and walks of life, putting them together to share an experience and grow together. It is not about what angle you look the best in, it is not about staged photographs it is about trying to capture moments that mean something. I have always heard Shani Bhai say, “Our shot is the shot the model gives when she is about to change her pose”. So in a nutshell it is all about being free spirited, living the moment and expressing feelings.

 8. How do you feel you have grown in the past year being an influencer for Nishat

 I think because I have been given so much exposure it is almost overwhelming and I’m so grateful at the same time. I think an opportunity not made the most out of is the biggest mistake a person can make. So I always try to fully grab on and squish the most out of the lemon I’m given. Growth is an ongoing cycle that is of course endless.

 9. What is your life motto?

 I don’t think I have decided that for myself as yet. But I have always found myself in very different situations, situations you wouldn’t see normal people being in. sometimes I almost get a feeling that I am destined to bring change.

 10. What is the advice you would give to the other girls out there.

 Being afraid is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your identity. I understand that sometimes it becomes really hard to stand up for your own self and mostly out of confusion and so many mixed thoughts of opportunity cost a person sometimes ends up taking decisions that are not heart felt. I have come to realising that people who love you for who you are will stay. And those are the people you need to live for. Never let anyone bring you down and when I say what I’m saying I do not encourage anyone disrespect another person’s values that may be different from yours. It is to educate ourselves to become civil enough to be able to breathe the same air even with differences.

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