10 Menswear trends women hate

When it comes to fashion; everything you are wearing is itself a fashion. I mean, why would you care what other has in mind about you? I bet, some of you do. However, there are somethings you need to beware of. Right! Everything you are wearing is a fashion, but that does not mean literally everything. Move your eyes and scroll down to know what menswear trend women hate.

1. Wear no shirts with slogans

Slogan 1

Are you one of those who think wearing shirt with funny slogan makes you look aloof, and you want to make the world understand that you actually are creative, so what you’re really saying is, “I am very creative. Your place or mine?”. Lame!

Well, lets keep the creativity aside, the answer is rejection.

2. Sparkling clothes


Well, anything that sparkles does seem inappropriate unless and until you are going to a party to hangover. Especially, when you are going on a wedding, avoid such kinds of clothes or otherwise get ready to face the humbug from the famous aunties. Oh! I did not know you are one attention seeker. Carry on!

3. Oh please! Don’t try to be frosty with the Mohawk.


There was a time when the person wearing Mohawk hairstyle seemed hip and up-to-date fashion, but now you’ll absolutely seem like a lost frog on a water leaf calling for the help. It’s out of fashion, so try to be sober, simple, and decent, and you shall succeed. Well, after all you are not the bodacious Christiano Ronaldo who indeed seems cool with skin fitted football kit and weird hairstyles.

4. For God’s sake, you are not a rapper


Women hate people with long thick neck chains, beggies beneath the arses, and long dreadful cartooned t-shirts unless and until you are a rapper, and if you are you have got a right to wear one. Trynna be a nigga homie? You ain’t no homie.

5. You are not Kate Upton, hide your cleavage



Keep it a suspense, rather than roaming around with upper buttons of your Button down shirt opened making your hairy chest visible. Even though you don’t intend to, but the first impression it leaves is that the person is a desperate guy trying to show off the openness to sex. Well, a suggestion for you is to keep the buttons closed and you’ll make the ladies think what’s behind the shirt.

6. Wear slim fit, not substantially skinny.


Especially, when you have skinny thighs, and long height, try to avoid wearing extremely skinny jeans. Believe it or not, it seems sissy anyways. At least, slim fit dirty jeans would work. Be sassy, not sissy!

7. Try avoiding short fitted shirts


If you are at home, wearing even nothing would work, but when you are outside, keeping a special care of your makeover is very important to keep your importance on an optimum level. Try avoiding wear short fitted shirts, especially those which are above your waist line making your tummy visibly naked. If you are wearing one, you are giving an opportunity to women to think that you are short of clothes.

8. The brashly printed Suits


You’ll look like a cartoon followed by humans. Like to be a cartoon, keep your mouth to the talking, not the suit. It plays the same role, keeps the humor touch activated and privilege you with attention.

 9. Lousy Sneakers


Sneakers are the best when it comes to comfort level. They are the perfect partners during the rough days. Always be normal, neither over-colored nor under-colored. The sneakers like this might make it difficult for you to contrast with other thing you are wearing. People will take you easy! Mention not, you are making them laugh at you for sure.

10. Cartooned under wears


Yes, I agree that most of the ladies like The Simpsons, The Minions and etc, but believe me wearing cartooned under wears do not even matter, until you get tired of being a virgin. Wear simple under wears with contrast to the clothes you are wearing. Seems Legitimate? No?

You are not one thing to be ignored. Make your outlook attractive, not for people, not for anyone, but for you. Stay satisfied, and take care.







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