VIDEO: Justin Bieber is arrested on suspicion of drink driving


Justin Bieber

24 January 2014

Pop star Justin Bieber reportedly swore at police after he was held on charges of drag driving under the influence, drag racing and resisting police arrest without violence.

The 19-year-old Canadian pop star Bieber, who was at the wheel of a rented yellow Lamborghini, was arrested at 4.19am on Thursday morning.

According to the police report obtained by entertainment site, TMZ Bieber was defiant from the outset, shouting at the officers on the scene: “Why the f**k are you doing this?”

Before his arrest, Bieber and Sharief posted images to Instagram that have since been deleted, showing Bieber in and around the Lamborghini, suggesting he may not have been the driver.

Justin Bieber

He also yelled: “What the f**k did I do.  Why did you stop me?”

Bieber’s entourage had used large, black SUVs to block traffic on Pine Tree Drive, turning the street into a drag strip. Bieber was allegedly driving at up to 60mph.

Police officer Fulgencio Medina said that as he approached Bieber’s vehicle he noted Bieber’s “bloodshot eyes” and “stupor look”.

The police report states Bieber confessed to having beer, marijuana and prescription drugs in his system. Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez said the star was “a little belligerent”.

Bieber objected to Medina’s body search, reportedly saying, “I ain’t got no f***ing weapons, why do you have to search me, what the f*** is this about?”

R&B artist Khalil, who was driving a Ferrari, was also arrested. A drink driving conviction in Florida has a maximum jail term of six months.

Bieber reportedly visited a strip club on Lincoln Road on Wednesday night. The incident is thought to have taken place shortly after he left the venue, where he allegedly spent a cool $75,000.

A second person is thought to have been travelling with Bieber in the passenger seat. TMZ reports that the person is a model named Chantel. The article also suggests that Bieber’s management blocked off the street especially for Bieber to drag race.

Bieber claimed he wasn’t drunk and that he was returning from recording music in a studio.

However, the report suggests he had lied to law enforcement officers and was returning from the club.

Before the pat down, Bieber “kept going into his pants pocket” as he exited his vehicle.

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